Catching up 2 of 5

All the while we’ve been raising chickens and unpacking…. priorities you know. These photos were taken only 1-2 months ago.  We’re quite a bit unpacked now but still have one room entirely full of boxes. Knits: Bandana Cowl Food: End of Summer Tomato Quiche

Catching up 1 of…

Wow. I’m really behind!  I think for the next few posts I’m just going to hit fast forward and talk through photos so you can see what we’ve been up to. Knits: Houzuki Hat,  Harvest Hat, Random Baby Hat Cooking:  Tartine Bread Meanderings:  Setting up a horse-ride for Miss Elmlid at Lisa’s Sonrisa Farm 

Late Summer Garden and Projects

The garden is gearing up for an epic harvest. I have a sneaking feeling that most everything will become ready all at the same time.  Maybe we’ll get a flush of tomatoes on Fayvor’s birthday in two weeks?  Garden care for this past month has been a lot easier than last month since the plots … Continue reading

Closing up Chenery and Missing Mimi

This is a bit difficult to write so I’m keeping it short. Two weeks ago my best friend past away.  We met during university, and over the years life kept us together and apart. Reunited shortly after my wedding engagement, she came to live with us for a very short while here in San Francisco. … Continue reading