A Brief Trip Away & Inns of the Past

It’s always tough getting back into writing after a few weeks away. It’s no longer in-practice and harder to pen down thoughts.  Motivating to get something down is tricky as lethargy from a super relaxing weekend away has kicked in.   And that IS  proving hard to shake. All I can think about are  luxurious … Continue reading

Graduating 2011

With the last pair of Christmas ‘foot oven’ socks on the needles, it’s finally feeling like the holidays are coming to a close.  Fayvor and I spent Christmas and New Years in New England this year surrounded by lots of Loves including two adorable nephews under age 3.  I am sipping at strawberry white tea … Continue reading


Sometimes the best surprises are the least expected ones; and those are often times right under your sheet music.  Fayvor Love and I met a few times over the course of several years during those parties that were an overlap of our extended friend’s circles. We’d often end up ‘jamming’ in the corner on our … Continue reading

It’s Spring!

We’ve been burried in wedding preparations these past few months and I’ve decided that today’s the day that I absolutely will not do anything wedding related.  You see, my mind has felt thisclose to exploding these past couple of days with trying to organize responses to all the wedding related events. I think I finally understand … Continue reading