Closing up Chenery and Missing Mimi

This is a bit difficult to write so I’m keeping it short. Two weeks ago my best friend past away.  We met during university, and over the years life kept us together and apart. Reunited shortly after my wedding engagement, she came to live with us for a very short while here in San Francisco. … Continue reading

A Walk in the Park to Dissolve the Clouds

It’s been a week, or maybe even two since I last posted.  Truth is I’ve had a lot on my mind and it’s been a little overwhelming.  Here’s what’s been on our plates: We have to move somewhere in August. With the change of ownership, the rent on our home of 5 years is going … Continue reading

1 Glove Down, Presents & Nolan’s Bread Recipe

Checking out at the grocery store this morning, my usual clerk, Adam, said ‘awful looking day isn’t it?’.  All I could do was smile -and-nod.  I couldn’t bring myself to not let him enjoy his truth.  My truth of the matter was(and is) that I am really liking this cool gray day.  It’s a throw-on-a-light-sweater … Continue reading

Klingon Gloves, Cookie Fail & a Cowl for Sarah

It’s a good Saturday.  Fayvor started dancing around the house a la Dancing Queen Roger Rabbit (note to self: get this on video someday)  and I killed myself softly attempting to play my  guitar song, the only song I can somewhat play, ‘dust in the wind’;  gave up, and just handed Fayvor the guitar to erase … Continue reading