Catching up 4 of 5

We went to 3 different places to collect apples and made Gallons and Gallons of cider.  All three were located in Sebastopol.  Gravensteins and Golden Delicious.  Safe to say we will have hard cider in January. The summer vegetables are coming to a halt.  Scrounging and combining kinds that we don’t normally put together.  A … Continue reading

Closing up Chenery and Missing Mimi

This is a bit difficult to write so I’m keeping it short. Two weeks ago my best friend past away.  We met during university, and over the years life kept us together and apart. Reunited shortly after my wedding engagement, she came to live with us for a very short while here in San Francisco. … Continue reading


When we first moved in, our neighbor, Sarah in the cottage had asked if we had a routine. I had replied, ‘the only routine I have is coffee first thing in the morning,’ and this was true for many years.  Caring for the vegetable garden and now chickens (yes, chickens!) has flipped our old habits … Continue reading

A Move to the Country

Wow, what a crazy month.   We’ve moved onto an old working ranch in Petaluma.   Fayvor’s company is taking shape.  So is our garden in the rough.  I’m not sure where to begin with catch-up here. Pretty overwhelming to think about, so much so that I’ve put off doing this for a long time. … Continue reading