End of Winter

We were watching a lot of Game of Thrones over Christmas and the line that always sticks in my head when thinking of that movie is “Winter is coming…”  Ominous. Looming. Forewarning.

It seemed appropriate to have gone through the entire series and landed in the most stressful January we’ve had since.. well, I don’t know when.. .

It’s been a tough month for us here in Petaluma.  Fayvor decided to pull out of the start-up to find a job. The right decision and difficult to swallow I bet. There’s only so long you can live on your savings, and when most signs are also pointing to a bad investment, then it’s time to cut your losses.  Fortunately he’s in a field that is still on the up, that, and we have a garden and chickens to live on until things line up again.  We also miscarried again and caught both crazy viruses that were going around. Fayvor the flu and me the cold from hell. We’re only now pulling out of the nose-dive.  I keep looking around getting ready to duck to see if anything else is going to hit.

But so far so good. We’re ok, and, I’m hopeful.

Appropriately and on cue, everything on the farm and around us is announcing spring.  Nature’s SSRI for  those coming out of ‘winter’.  The lambs have arrived across the street. Bouncing around on invisible trampolines.  The cows on our property have calved– we’re now up to 5. Eggs too are starting to increase in numbers.

Off the Needles:  Feather and Fan Cowl(this sort of pattern is popular lately), More Booties, & still trying to finish those Klingon Gloves

In the Kitchen: Lots of Butter (surprisingly simple to make) and maybe Cheese soon.


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