Closing up Chenery and Missing Mimi

This is a bit difficult to write so I’m keeping it short.

Two weeks ago my best friend past away.  We met during university, and over the years life kept us together and apart. Reunited shortly after my wedding engagement, she came to live with us for a very short while here in San Francisco.  A few months in, her leukemia came back for the 4th time and she was rushed to Japan for her third transplant.   She didn’t make it this time.  But, you know if anybody could have survived a third transplant, Mimi would have been the one to.  Always smiling. Always cheerful. And, Always optimistic.  No really, she believed in the best of everyone and every situation.  I have yet to meet someone more pure of heart and sincerity.

Looking around at our empty apartment, waiting for a ride up to our new home, it’s these bittersweet memories that get to me, in a good way.  Mimi and Gautam laughing and singing ‘Whiskey Johnnie’ as they swing their jugs of whiskey.  Casey and Adam hollering out the window at the single ladies dining across the street, leaning back and gesturing (yikes!).  Sarah’s Marty-Cat jumping in between book and chin, asking for love via head-butt.  Soda-Rita’s warm & easy laughter..

This apartment has had many incarnations, and I have been there for all– but the one thing I’m missing the most right now are hugs from Mimi.

Movie: Whiskey Johnny

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A Few Others missing Mimi:

Jake Adelstein  – Missing Michiel

Yuko’s Eulogy

Ryusuke Homma‘s FB dedication

My dear sister. Your death came too soon, didn’t it.

Meeting you, Mimi, was the best gift that god has given me. But, you, God can also be so cruel.

Sleep well, Mimi in painless sleep. When in honest you were in so

 much pain, you didn’t complain at all did you. You always had spoken of gratitude. Not everyone can do this (in your situation) you know.あれだけたくさんの点滴や針を刺されて。Even with so many IVC and needles poking at you.自分は世界を良くするため一仕事してくるよ。ミミみたいにはできないけど。
I will work to make this world a better place, but I know I can’t do it like you do, Mimi

Time to time give me your guidance ok? Because you are my younger sister and my mentor, you know. I’m asking of you.

rest well.

you have endured enough now.

no longer in need for IVC or test anymore.

no longer in need for medicine.

no longer in pain.

no longer can I meet with you.

long to see you again.

One Response to “Closing up Chenery and Missing Mimi”
  1. Emi-chan,
    This is a really beautiful tribute. A few years ago, when Michiel was between jobs, I talked her into putting some order into my house in Japan, as a one-time part-time job. All the hand-written labels she wrote are still there. “Socks–Try to match them” “Books On Police” “Not for Kids!” . When I leave this house eventually, I’ll feel like I’m saying goodbye to Mimi all over again.

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