Farmers Market Greens, Smoked Herring on Toast & Equinox Raglan

Subscribing to a CSA was and is one of the better decisions I’ve made while living here in San Francisco.  Mariquita farms is our go-to during their on-season, and during off-season we receive Farm Fresh To You.  Nothing beats having freshly-picked produce at or close to your door, and I don’t miss fighting my way through the crowds at our overly popular (and overly priced) Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.  Fayvor and I happily sleep-in now on weekends; though, occasionally, it is a special treat to head out to our favorite Sunday market in San Rafael–where there is plenty of breathing room and about an hour or so more of sleep-time before it gets crowded.

So, Wednesdays, Fayvor plays the role of The Vegetable Santa. He is that jolly middle-aged man who dutifully picks up and brings home a literal sack full of vegetables ‘gift’ every week.  Albeit a little silly, it makes me smile and look forward even more to our vegetables arriving–front door banging open and a soft ‘ho ho ho,’ and in comes Vegetable Santa with the overflowing produce bag slung over his shoulder. There should be a reason to have Christmas ‘in spirit’ weekly, and this is ours.

Admittedly, I remain conflicted.  I dream of trips to the San Rafael Market to pick out exactly what I  would like to make for us that day or week.  I miss that spontaneity, and the exhilarating experience of breathing in the cool crisp air while admiring and picking up each item before bringing it home–the romance of it and fresh air for the soul. These now occasional trips are special and treasured.  This all having been said, there still remains some spontaneity with the subscription.  Sometimes having set limits aids creativity.  If all you have is Chard and Leek on your palette, you paint with Chard and Leek.  And when there is lots of any one thing, it finds its way into experiments of new dishes or into tried and true ones where it was not used before.  Sometimes thinking within the literal and proverbial box can be a good thing.

Sunday’s breakfast, Market Greens & Smoked Herring on Toast, was just that, an amalgam of  what was remaining in our box combined with fancy fixings from the cupboard–scrambled eggs, sauteed kale & leek w/ herring on toast. Nothing fancy nor need for a recipe.  I can’t help but think of Monty Python Holy Grail’s ‘You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with….a Herring!’ scene every time I see or hear herring.

In knitting news, I’ve finished my first and very own adult-sized sweater (yay!) in the ‘Alligator’ yarn from Creatively Dyed.  The Equinox pattern is a super quick knit (relatively speaking) and took about 4 days (~32 hours) total to make.   When it first came off the needles I was extremely worried.  It could keep an Emi-and-a-half warm. Even after blocking, it also came down to my hips.  It took another trip to the washer and then the drier, which had again made me nervous and checking frequently while it tossed around on low.  That method did the trick and it seems to be close to the right size now. Maintenance washing from here forward to keep it this size–COLD wash only and lay flat dry.  I’m concerned that another trip into the drier will leave me with a really wide pint-sized sweater.

I’m paging through Storey’s ‘Basic Country Skills’ and dreaming of homesteading.  It seems that the change-up at Fayvor’s company may be a blessing in disguise.  Between that and having to possibly move somewhere (to avoid high rent) in August,  there may be an opportunity to move outside of the city to farm country here.  The caveat being that wherever we move is within commute distance of SF while we tie off our loose ends and see things through.  Even though it isn’t New England, I imagine this next year (or maybe even two) before we head East will prove interesting and hopefully, very fruitful.

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One Response to “Farmers Market Greens, Smoked Herring on Toast & Equinox Raglan”
  1. Allison says:

    I also wish I had a daily market I could visit sometimes with a little basket for my goods… I love your sweater, you picked out really lovely yarn. It’s interesting, after reading you post, it stuck me that one always seems to be seeking a different life. I live where you want to live, and yet I often pine for year round warm weather when I can have lemon and lime trees.

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