A Walk in the Park to Dissolve the Clouds

It’s been a week, or maybe even two since I last posted.  Truth is I’ve had a lot on my mind and it’s been a little overwhelming.  Here’s what’s been on our plates:

  • We have to move somewhere in August. With the change of ownership, the rent on our home of 5 years is going up by 1k.
  • Fayvor’s new ‘job unknown’ status– the company he helped to start is being dissolved after having been purchased. bittersweet.
  • Due to further deterioration in health of my Japanese grandparents, there is impending family travel to Japan in the fall to figure out  and notate last wishes.
  • My close friend who is hospitalized in Tokyo has set her transplant date (April).  No donor found.  They will be attempting to use her mother’s blood. (leukemia)

This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about my family in Japan and of course my friend too.  Coincidentally it is also the 1 year anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami today.  I really do not have a lot to say but wanted to share with you a sentiment that I read today on Maki’s blog that also resonates with me.  It is an explanation of the word/feeling/understanding of ‘furusato.’

“Furusato is a Japanese word for which there really is no direct equivalent in English. Most times it is translated as ‘home town’, and the sentiment is similar. It means the place where you grew up, the place where you come from. The place where a part of you, however small, yearns to return to”–Makiko Itoh

As I remember this day last year and brace myself to try to welcome what time will only tell, I hold in my heart great memories of dear family, of people from our life here, and of my own furusato.

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