Grove Glove Progress, Garbanzo & Baby Lima Bean Fruit Salad

A quick update on the progress of those Grove gloves.  The called for yarn is making a HUGE difference in the appearance because of its yarn texture.  The Classic Elite ‘Princess’ yarn is more coarse than the Cascade ‘220Superwash’ and slightly thicker. It’s that rigidity of the yarn that’s helping to make the pattern clearer.  A couple minor mistakes on my part losing track of Ktbl and K alternating counts, which I can live with, but am being more conscious of not messing those up when knitting up the rest of the glove.  It is a first contribution to the ‘yarn along‘ hosted at Ginny’s Blog, ‘Small Things.’

We did try the Vegan Bean Chili recipe last night but it was wayyyy too spicy for me.  I’m thinking it might have been because we added in a can of chipotle in adobo instead of straight-up plain can of chipotle. That, and not dialing down the other chili powders to accommodate… looking to tweak the recipe some before posting it here. Great bones. Needs more thought.

What turned out is the Garbanzo Fruit Salad.  Earlier this week I had set aside a cup of Garbanzo Beans and a cup of Lima Beans to soak and cook off for the week.  Been really interested in using beans lately; I’ve kept at least one kind a week at-the-ready to be made into whatever suits my fancy.

It’s pictured below in bowls that Fayvor made. I love his pottery and hope he gets back into it again.

Garbanzo Fruit Salad

Makes I don’t know how much.  Beans are from Rancho Gordo.


1 cup dried Garbanzo Beans, soaked & cooked to barely done

1 cup dried Baby Lima Beans, soaked & cooked to barely done

1/2 c – 1cup minced parsley

1 lemon (juiced)

1/4 cup Currents

1/2 c Pepita seeds

3 small Guavas washed, seeded, diced (leave skin on)

2 Bosc Pears, peeled, cored, diced

1 Red Onion, small diced

1 Large Tomato, seeded & small diced

1 large Cucumber, seeded & diced

s/p to taste

Once all your beans have cooled and all the rest of your ingredients are lined up, combine them all together and season to taste. Voilà! (or, and Bob’s your Uncle–if you so prefer)

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One Response to “Grove Glove Progress, Garbanzo & Baby Lima Bean Fruit Salad”
  1. Huh. I never would have thought of putting beans in a fruit salad – though that looks more like a fruit salsa. Maybe you should try it with chips!

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