1 Glove Down, Presents & Nolan’s Bread Recipe

Checking out at the grocery store this morning, my usual clerk, Adam, said ‘awful looking day isn’t it?’.  All I could do was smile -and-nod.  I couldn’t bring myself to not let him enjoy his truth.  My truth of the matter was(and is) that I am really liking this cool gray day.  It’s a throw-on-a-light-sweater and feel-the-crispness-on-your-cheeks sort of day.  Part of what makes San Francisco so very special is that any given type of weather doesn’t stick around for very long and there is really not any reliable pattern of predictability.  Given the topography of the city, each neighborhood has it’s own microclimate and can differ drastically.  The Mission vs. The Sunset for example.  The Sunset rarely sees a sunny day and is most often times covered in fog.  Most likely because it’s ocean facing and low-lying.  The Mission, on the other hand is almost always clear and  at a minimum of 65 degrees (Higher up and Bay facing).  Not knowing what you’re going to get here keeps life interesting and  if you’re stuck in a downpour, chances are that if you give it another 15 minutes, you’ll get that window you’re looking for to skidaddle; and, it just may be sunny the rest of the day, or maybe even through the weekend.

As far as Marty, beloved housecat is concerned, however, so long as he can lounge in his sun dappled spot (foggy day or not) he’s perfectly content napping.

The called for yarn to make the Grove gloves arrived yesterday. I’m anxious to try it out and have finished the left Klingon Opera Glove first in anticipation of beginning at least one of those Grove mitts.  I’ll likely alternate making one glove for the Grove pattern and another for the Tributary(aka Klingon) Glove.  What also arrived, which I’m even *more excited about, is a place to put my needles.  A case for the circulars and a roll bag for the straights.  No more putting a hand in a plastic bag and hoping to draw the right needle! All this organization there has motivated me to clean out my stash, which is now all sorted by gauge.  Next, to find something to keep all those DPNs straight.

On the food front, N. of aforementioned previous bread post, has given the green light to share his super easy bread recipe so I am including it below.  Tonight’s dinner — a vegan heirloom bean chili recipe to share perhaps tomorrow.

Nolan’s Basic Bread Recipe

(Makes 1 small round loaf)

 Note:  Loose = flatter loaf, but more hydrated; Tough = better shape, but eat it soon.  Either way, score it deeply so it has lots of loft
“My bread recipe is so simple, I am inspired to make it weekly.”–N.
  • 3.5 cups of flour (I use 3 AP + 1/2 WW)
  • 3 teaspoons Kosher salt
  • 1 pkg yeast
  • ~1 cup water
  1. Combine dry ingredients (yeast included) in food processor, then add water until dough cleans bowl.
  2. Set in a covered oiled bowl in a warmish place until doubled in size (2-3 hours).
  3. Shape gently with lots of flour to prevent sticking, let rise again (30 min),
  4. brush with egg white, sprinkle with sesame seeds, slice deeply with a sharp knife, and bake on a pizza stone at 375 (having been preheated to 400) until deeply golden.

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One Response to “1 Glove Down, Presents & Nolan’s Bread Recipe”
  1. Chandni Jain says:

    Oh looks easy and yummy 🙂 Got to try it.

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