Klingon Gloves, Cookie Fail & a Cowl for Sarah

It’s a good Saturday.  Fayvor started dancing around the house a la Dancing Queen Roger Rabbit (note to self: get this on video someday)  and I killed myself softly attempting to play my  guitar song, the only song I can somewhat play, ‘dust in the wind’;  gave up, and just handed Fayvor the guitar to erase the remaining cacophonous echoes lingering in the room with his song.  The Love family has been on my mind a lot today.  With so many of them (seven kids, two parents, 2 sets of grandparents and gurgle of nephews) every month has at least one person who has their special day, and in some cases, like today, more than one do.  Today is C’s birthday and their maternal grandparent’s anniversary.  We’ll attempt to call them later and maybe Fayvor’s parents too to break the news of our thinking of moving to New England in August.  I think his mother, R., will be squealing with joy. I’ve been looking forward to their reactions, especially hers, for a few weeks now.

We’ve been fortunate that two of the Loves live so near us.  One of them, N., is really into cooking and music as well.  Over Christmas he baked for us a loaf of sesame covered bread which I’ve attempted to make this week.  It  baked up perfectly. Round, with a crunchy crust and loaf  lasted all but a day in this house.  Just big enough for the four of us to finish without any leftovers.  Attempted to make cookies a few days back. The one that was posted over on Knitted bliss, but, failed.  I think somewhere  between our molasses possibly being different and maybe my baking powder being old it went down hill, well, technically flat. Tasted great–not too sweet and smokey from the molasses.   Just not quite as pretty as hers.

Those gorgeous mitts that I mentioned last week were not working with the Cascade 220 heathers yarn.  You couldn’t see all the texture in the glove.  I’ve ordered the called-for yarn, and will knit a pair up in that to see if it’s me or the yarn.  Sarah’s birthday cowl was knit up in under two days. In lieu of the earlier mentioned mitts, on the needles now are Klingon forehead-esque Opera length gloves.  After Fayvor mentioned that they looked like that, it’s been really hard not to see anything else.  Tragic.  I keep on telling myself it’s a long eucalyptus leaf.  Maybe that will stick instead. Eventually…

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One Response to “Klingon Gloves, Cookie Fail & a Cowl for Sarah”
  1. Becki C. says:

    That bread sure looks tasty…and wow, beautiful cowl! I’m sure she will love it! 🙂

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