31st Birthday & “I et it” says Fayvor

I celebrated my 31st birthday this weekend.  That means College was over 10 years ago. TEN YEARS ago!!  I remember how grown-up I believed myself to be then.  Those memories were not all that noticeably far away until I started counting. Back then I was working as an assistant for several insurance agents while going to school full time.  What spare time I had was spent playing in a band I had been involved with since high school.  At first we were called Neontetra, then HBT.  I don’t know why we named ourselves in this way….  All in all over 10 years there too in the band.–Fast forward to my birthday party this weekend.

Guess who Came??? A band member from wayyy back then!! And with him came two copies of  long lost CDs that we made.  When I invited people to come over for a party this weekend a part of me thought that of the 80(?) some that maybe 10 would show.  Why?  I’m introverted and not all that great at friend maintenance. So when we had a full house AND Jason from the Neontetra/HBT days came,  I couldn’t have been any more content feeling that there were people out there who really actually do care about me. :sniff:

Fayvor baked me the most amazing German Chocolate cake which tasted as great as it looked. No small feat for someone who doesn’t cook.  I wish I had a photo of it to post here.

Among the special birthday bottles of wine, and super nostalgic cds was a secret special parcel that I didn’t discover until two days, post-hangover, later–A fist full of knitting needles in several sizes!!  All with the tiniest red bows bundling each set.  I think there may be as many as 10 or twelve pairs.  In from the post man came yarn ordered for the next project and two days later I finished this Cowl featured here.  A birthday gift for my sister in-law.  Kind of feels good that a gift made this gift.

Nephew #3 K. is also having a birthday soon.  I have just the project in mind for him and cannot wait until the pattern arrives.

In the meanwhile I think I’ve over done it.  Here’s what’s in process: roasted butternut(for ravioli or soup), meatballs in sauce(for lunches), chicken stock(back up), apple/parsnip soup(keep on hand), quinoa salad(for tonight), fennel salad(also for tonight), Kale/Veg Soup(lunches), roasted herbed potatoes, & lunch salads for Fayvor. Phew!

What made me smile today:

I think I overfed the Fayvor. Must remember that if I give him a quart of soup he’ll eat it in one day instead of 2-3. ‘I et it’ he says 🙂 no wonder his tummy hurts.  Note to self: pack smaller visible portions for Fayvor.

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2 Responses to “31st Birthday & “I et it” says Fayvor”
  1. Julie says:

    your shawl collared cowl looks awesome!! Glad you had a great birthday, and I love German Chocolate cake, too! chocolate and coconut, how can you go wrong?!

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