Nephew Quotes

It’s been almost three years since the first of them, B., arrived.  I thought he was super cute then: pudgy squidgy legs, gurgles, smiles etc…but, now I’m beginning to think that he’s taken yet another leap into cuteness.

His mother, C., has been posting his latest ‘isms over FB.  I am almost always bowled over laughing reading them.  They make my day just that much better.

Here are his latest:

“I think B. suggested I am what must be the 2-year-olds’ version of an a**kisser:
As I left him for his nap, I blew him a kiss. He grabbed it from the air, slapped it on his mouth and said, ‘I just put it on, and it goes into my mouth, and then it goes into my tummy, and then it goes into my poop!!’  Awesome.”


“Poor Bodi. The dinosaurs in our trees try to eat him sometimes.” –C.(mom)


“‘Mommy, our (green leather) couch is not very white anymore.’I guess it’s time to do a little cleaning around here.”

Doesn’t it just make you want to squish his little Cheeks!  Love you, B.

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