Baby Blanket Regression

Finished the Baby Blanket in time to meet a gal friend who I haven’t kept in touch with or seen since probably high school….I think I wigged her out  by gifting her the blanket.  See there was a lot of major awkwardness in the exchange followed by two varied iterations from her during lunch along the lines of ‘I never mentioned I was pregnant.’

Or had she?  See the following excerpt from FB meet-up planning conversation:

“I prefer something a little lighter just because my tummys been filling up right quick these days and large meals are wasted on me. “

Pregnant. Right?

Ok, ok– so it’s a little bit of a jump; but, by earlier this week  I had deduced and convinced myself (in Emi-Logic) that she was very likely pregnant.  So I made one ‘in case’.

Great, that the blanket miraculously came off the needles in time.

Bad, that it caught her off guard in a not so good way.

Also bad, that I wasn’t expecting to regress to my depressed/insecure High School self during 13 year catch-up lunch….

Ugliness I tell you.. absolute ugliness

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