Sometimes the best surprises are the least expected ones; and those are often times right under your sheet music.  Fayvor Love and I met a few times over the course of several years during those parties that were an overlap of our extended friend’s circles. We’d often end up ‘jamming’ in the corner on our respective instruments– Fayvor on guitar and I on violin. We decided to make it a regular thing and became friends who played music together on Thursdays (and later, Fridays and Saturdays too).  Months later, our similar temperaments and shared interests in music, food, and sustainability lead us to finally to see that the person we were each searching for was right in front of us all along.  It always tickles me to remember this realization.

Just like the way we met, the details of our wedding came together unexpectedly and smoothly.  The day after we got engaged we stumbled upon a picturesque site on our drive through Marin–a lodge big enough to fit all the family, with a garden and courtyard for the wedding and reception. Perfect!  The details for the wedding materialized with the activity of helping hands from friends and family. Ellie, photographer and friend from high school, flew out from NY to capture the day.  Nolan and Eli, brother and friend, sang a song that Fayvor composed for the ceremony, called ‘Let’s Make A Life Out Of This’.  Emily and the Love sisters placed vegetables on the dinner tables as seating indicators.

Meanwhile Fayvor, a computer engineer by day, worked on the website and tech details. He also ensured that all things were compost-able, recyclable, or reusable.  Katie and Laci,friends from my catering days, handled the flowers and desserts.  Katie arranged herbs into bouquets, and assembled local flowers in Fayvor’s hand-thrown vases for the dinner tables.  Laci displayed heirloom cookbooks and tins decoratively about the dessert table, and surrounded the cake with whimsically fantastic dessert miniatures–some were even vegan!  Being a cook by trade, I felt it would be meaningful to fold many culinary aspects into the wedding.  Tyler and Echo designed and created the ‘weddingcookbook’, a compilation of handwritten recipes submitted by the guests. The day before, my mother hand-painted an arboreal border for the ceremony programs while Fayvor’s sister, Ginger, inscribed the details.  Many, many,loving and literal Love-hands went into making this wedding personal and special.


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