“What’s -Salmon- Got to Do with it!?”

It’s been really amusing these past two weeks.  There’s a French man walking around our house quoting explicatives.  It is really really funny–especially with his French accent. We recently had a movie night at home at which Echo(hi, echo!) introduced us to a movie called The Big Lebowski (thanks, echo!).  Said Frenchman, three loves, and a Tyler sat down with our In-n-Out Burgers and fries at 2am a few weeks back.  A total last minute-1 am after-pool-(and several drinks) decision which ended much better than other past adventures that previously began that way.  A few days later I look over from my computer and see Fayvor dictating the lines while Antoine typed.  He’s now got it completely memorized!  It’s not uncommon in the morning to hear parts of the last scene in the movie while we’re all in the kitchen getting breakfast and lunch together for the day.  “And wat waz all zat sheet about Vietnum? What ze FUCK, haz aneezing got to du wiz Vietnum?” love it.

So, up there I mentioned three loves. The third is me. (insert big smiles here) I recently got married to yes, Fayvor. It was a fantastic fantastic day.  I intend on writing about that in another post soon.

In the meanwhile I’m going to leave you with a dish from the wedding cookbook Echo & Tyler helped us to pull together called, ‘Cooking with Love.’  This particular recipe came from Jen Sackett.  It never occurs to me that I can slow roast fish too.


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