It’s Spring!

We’ve been burried in wedding preparations these past few months and I’ve decided that today’s the day that I absolutely will not do anything wedding related.  You see, my mind has felt thisclose to exploding these past couple of days with trying to organize responses to all the wedding related events. I think I finally understand what the expression ‘herding cats’ means.

So instead, it is Spring Day.  I’m making Apricot Meyer Lemon Jam (with verbena and vanilla for warmth) and reminiscing adorable baby sheep we saw at Windrush Farm two weekends back. I am also definitely remembering the half bull frog tad poles (bull-poles?) that Nolan and Fayvor were catching; successfully, I might add.  Apparently, gourmet chicken feed …I degress.

Yes, so Spring.

At 4pm a flat of strawberries and 10lb bag of fava beans are arriving from Mariquita Farm at the Coffee Bar just for me. I intend to make (surprise surprise) strawberry jam and this fava bean cream to store for when we’re craving Spring again in January.

So for now, I will be enjoying my ‘no wedding planning’ ‘It’s Spring(!)’ day by alternating between kicking up my feet and processing jam.

Meyer Lemon Apricot Jam

(with lemon verbena, vanilla & honey for warmth)

makes 4, 1/2 pint jars


  • Total Weight Fruit (1 lb & 5 wz ish)
  • 4-5 Apricots, seeded and diced
  • 1 big and one small Meyer Lemon(segment but leave outer skin on. save pith and segment skin for pectin bag)
  • 1 tangerine (optional- I just had one lying around but you can just add this qty in Meyer lemons instead)
  • Sugar, same weight as fruit (I used 3.55 wz of Rewarera honey for part of it. fantastic gift from NZ friend.)
  • Water, same weight as fruit
  • 4 lemon verbena leaves
  • 1/8 c of apple sauce (optional – for pectin bag)
  • 1 vanilla bean split
  • cheese cloth & twine

1) Prepare your fruit. Dice the Apricots. Segment the citrus fruit leaving the outer skin on*. (*if one of the fruits seems super pithy, then you can just use the fruit and save the skin/pith for the pectin bag. You do want some of the segments skin on though) cut those segments into smaller pieces. I ended up with small triangle pieces. Save the seeds, pith, and the skin that separates the segments for the  pectin bag.

2) Into the cheesecloth: seeds, pith, separating skin, whatever outer skin you are not using. Tie it into a pouch.

3) Into your pot: everything including the bag of pectin making ‘good stuff’.  I usually tie one end to the handle to make for easy retreival.

4) Get this to a boil, then, time it for 30~minutes. Take off heat and remove pectin bag.

5) While that is happening, sanitize the jars using either the dry or wet method. Boil the rings and seals to get those ready.

6) Once the bag is safe enough to handle, squeeze that ‘good stuff’ into the pan. Take it back to heat and about 15~minutes or @ 217 degrees Fahrenheit, start testing the set of the jam.

7) Once the jam is ready and passes the *’wrinkle’ test, put into the jars and process using water bath 10~minutes. (wrinkle test: bowl over ice. put a little bit of the jam into the ice cold bowl. push the jam. does it wrinkle?)

8 ) Cool on counter over night. The fun part: the musical popping as the cans cool and enjoying it in the morning!

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