Just the ‘Haps’ around here

An example of Penny's Work


Watching an interesting workshop with Penny DelosSantos on photography this morning.  I’m trying to record it for my home amateur photographer,Fayvor, to see when he can. He’s at the office ‘computering’. By default it is taking up my headspace too because it’s filling the entire computer screen and airspace with it’s images and sounds.  Not a bad thing as she’s mentioned several tips that seemed obvious but needed to be said. Like sometimes obvious things need to be given the opportunity to be mentally bookmarked. One of these tips was ‘mess with the food’ that you are taking a photo of. She showed us an image where the french fries had been strewn over a rustic plate. Then, another of a meal halfway eaten accompanied with sauce covered spoon.

Fayvor I’m sure, will get a kick out of Penny’s approachable advice.

Watching this seminar makes following this post with recent food happenings pretty difficult. Like being taught a new list of rules that you’re not exactly ready to follow because you don’t get it technically enough to.

Next up a few dishes and a trip to a farm and in the meanwhile check out Penny’s amazing photography.

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