San Francisco weather is really jumpy.  Even though you could say it is usually sunny this time of year, it is as equally common for it to change by hour or day.  During this particular weekend  leading up to Borscht night, Dolores Park was packed with the usual good weather weekend sunbathers. The ‘special chocolate’ man was undoubtedly out with his not very legal treats dangling in several copper pots, as were the hipsters in full ‘flare’ and the men laying out in their not so there underwear.  While Fayvor and I, the SF Loves+1, and Poe drank our beers catching up.

By Monday with clouds rolling in and lots of cabbage overflow from Fayvor’s Sauerkraut project, we made a 6 qt pot’s worth of Golubsy and Borscht. With the help of care packages to sister love and happy housemate tummies we managed to eat everything.  After working at the catering company everything seems to be for 12 rather then 4 these days.  Though I’m happy to say I think I’m slowly working down and am now at 8.


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