Pioneer Woman I <3 U

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since my last post. A lot of time waiting for just the right things to fall into place. The right mood. The right thing to say–something just exciting enough.

This is Fayvor. He’s not on the phone anymore. I think he’s kind of cute.

Well, I’m starting to realize that sometimes just putting something down is so much better than not putting anything down at all. (Thank you, Pioneer Woman. I heart you)

So here we go.

Fayvor’s home this morning pacing and talking (he’s on the phone). It really is something to see. He does back and forth laps up and down the living room when he’s on the phone.

I’m enjoying a cup of Mrs. Garland’s blend from a bag of Flying Goat beans we picked up on a recent trip up to Healdsburg. This stuff is fantastic! I feel oddly guilty that I think it’s better than Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, and Ritual.

And btw, if you’re over the whole Sonoma/Napa wine-land thing like I am, check out Healdsburg. It’s not messed with yet. We met some nice folks over at Nalle. Family run, small, and so absolutely real*. The wine is pretty darn good too. I like their Zinot.

One Response to “Pioneer Woman I <3 U”
  1. Mimi says:

    >Fayvor kakkoii! Great pic!Thanks for introducing us to Flying Goat coffee. Mrs. Garland's is great, but I think I like Espresso #9 even better 🙂

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