>A Whirlwind of Adventures and a Time Out for Now

>Well, folks, I’ll be offline for a bit. Trying to get a lot of things in order between moving the blog over to a new host, fixing the layout glitches and moving to NZ for 3 months for the last stretch of culinary school (externship) ((WHOO HOOO!))

…. but until then here’s what’s been going on

Adventures in Europe during the fall. Trying Charcuterie from Paris and Schnapps from Zurich

The sister comes to town and we go to Half Moon Bay to meet a one legged dog and bring home dinner (no, not the dog).

The discovery of the best ever farmers market yet in the North Bay

Ode to the Ostrich Farm–Tastes like Chicken

…….. and A new Food Club

By the end of the month….
An event and class from school and my suggestion of inviting Heidi Swanson leads to an accepted invite (yay!)
Getting a tour of Spring Hill Dairy Tomorrow
Making Bacon on Saturday
Chasing Blackberries likely (and as always) Sunday

….. And on and on it goes!

See you on the flip side (likely March 2010)



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