>Moove Over Chicken!

A group of coworkers and friends recently went in on a half of a cow together from Morris Grass-fed; enough meat to feed a family for a year (apparently). Our share, a seventh of a half of a cow, is about a month’s worth of meat, and easily filled 3/4ths of our freezer! Seeing Interesting Cuts like Petite Tender and Blade Roast come out of our boxes really got my mind stewing over the possibilities.

With Daily Candy’s guidance via newsletter article, we sought out what many believe to be the ‘healthiest’ kind of beef. Grass-Fed is generally about 65% lower in saturated fats than your typical soy-grain-hay-corn-chemically fed meat. Since Joe’s free range cows just eat grass, the meat is super lean and high in Omega-3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acids. Both of which help the immune system and fights heart disease! (yay!)

Special cuts stashed away in Fayvor’s freezer, we began experimenting with the ground beef. Gyoza came out perfectly–just the right amount of juice and give. I’ll be writing about that another time. The hamburgers, however, were rather interesting in a gamey and chewy sort of way.

Now this is where I insert that I mean ‘interesting’ in a Good way.

Though Fayvor thinks the beef tasted flavorful, I found it gamey. I like gamey! Caught a little off guard since I normally associate this type of flayvor (ack!) FLAVOR (jeebus) with lamb. It’s pretty subtle though, so I wouldn’t steer away (buh dum dum ching) from trying grass-fed beef. It’s worth it.

2 Responses to “>Moove Over Chicken!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >There is a place in LA called “Surfas” that sells Prosciutto from grass fed pigs. It is supposed to also be some of the healthiest meat with only good fat’s. I’ve yet to try it i wonder if it tastes different form normal Prosciutto.

  2. >Surfas is AWESOME. Used to drive up there to find things that were nearly impossible to find like glucose in a tub. If you’re in the city and want to check out a place of a similar vein though high end: http://www.le-sanctuaire.com~emi

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