>Little Boy Blue

>Adoring parents across the street immortalize ‘tender toddler in knit cookie monster cap and waist tied balloon’ via photo. It’s these snap shot warm fuzzy moments observed over coffee that one takes for granted.. well, that is until you look up and realize the beauty, in the typical 10am Saturday, is actually quite contently staring straight at you through the fogged window–in azure-blue-eyed toddler form.

Koshitsky + Musician + Coffee Lunatic = Blue Bottle

In another life this random armpit alley of the city, now a plaza of modern posh, Blue Bottle Cafe (their newest endeavor) is tucked away from the transients that once inhabited this alley. Literally en face de Mezzanine, and surprisingly crowded. Simple, chic Blue Bottle Cafe, was a secret amongst those ‘in the know;’ an “Eureka!” treasure publicized and, now, renown.

How was their Coffee? And who the hell is Koshitsky?

Koshitsky is a Viennese military emisarry who lived, oh in the 1600s or so. He’s thought to have opened the first coffee shop in Vienna. What do you know? It’s also called Blue Bottle (two and two)! But I’m not here to talk about him so you can always Wikipedia for more info on that. So what about the coffee? Honestly, it’s probably one of the better cups I’ve had in a longgggg time-strong, non-acidic, and fruity; it also held up to cream quite well. Mind you, THE coffee NOT latte. If you can’t already tell, I wasn’t all that impressed there. Very grainy in taste; as opposed to it’s texture; definitely lacking smoothness. I’m not entirely sure it’s as good as La Colombe. Though, there is something to be said for supporting local, organic and artisans.

Try it for yourself.

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