Seems to be the mood of the week in euphamistic form. So back to the blogging and violin playing, something ANYTHING to keep the mind occupied. Prelude from Suite No. 1 for unaccompanied cello (arranged for violin); somewhat learned (check), happier (no check), moodier (check).


Fifty cent novel stand by, ps. I love you. Normally a “gag-me” but now finished sniffles and all.. right gag me.. yeah.. ::blows nose::


House Mates awwww… housemates.. glass of wine (check), group painting (check), better? (somewhat yes). Day 2 ::hit snooze:: ::hit snooze:: (Shit hits the fan) ::Hit snooze maybe 8 times more…:: Housemates convince me out of the house (check).

(Ooooo a random-ish cafe!)


Five minutes of Barting and 30 minutes of walking we arrived at this cafe clear out in what Yogi (not his real name) calls the “Alabama Mission.” 2 blocks away from Mission Cliffs. Another “who knew” kind of experience – Rockabilly meets I’m Hippy-Edu-Hip. She a beatle shirted, tatt’d cashier waits while I inhale the menu (hrm…. rice noodle salad,mushrom sandwich, apple sage arrugala tomato pesto pizza… OOOOoo yes!)

Can’t help but think that the boy would like this place.. ::sigh:: erhm


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2 Responses to “>NEXT!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >Atlas isn’t bad if your in the area, although I did find a hair in my latte once. Whoops it could have been mine hehe.

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