>Synopsis of 8 Months


In some ways things have come around full circle again. A similar line of story (not to be confused w/ drama), coffee shop, reluctance and hope all bagged up into one convenient take-away package. Though this time, instead of a dotted circle there’s some semblance of a solid line. As if realization personified took a pair of shears, snipped the faint circle and shook it just once to allow for the now visible line to take shape into some unidentified “life-is”-path.

I think I’ve cheated on you quite a bit these past few months. Take that back; I know I have–all these eateries, restaurants and cafes and not one peep from me. What kind of friend have I been? Shameful indeed.

Not quite in the mood to be extraordinarily thorough, a brief synopsis perhaps in short sporadic form?

Michael Mina

I’ve gone– for dessert only
Quite pricey for what it is and not that inventive


Good find—especially for lunch
Urban Mondern Unpretentious treat for less
Bizarre – French Chef for a Tapas Place?


What a turn off, a chain of sorts?
Though they make irresistible duck curry…


Authentic? Apparently?
Dosas; hell yes!

Citizen Cake

Disappointed twice over. Though the Rose Water Crème Brule remains a favorite

Bay Breads

BEST almond croissants in the city—hands down
I’ve been told (by the french ex) in general their goods are pretty authentic


Fun, young, modern
Service fabulous, food passable


Lots of variety
Don’t think you’re going to be tricked b/c it is what it is
..pass the Imodium, please.


Fois gras pasta-num, Oysters – num;
the best meal I’ve had all year—YES!

Burma Super Star

Convert a round table for 6 to a table for 12? “Sure! No Problem”
Food cost low for good eats.

Taste of the Himalayas

A personal serenade from a drunk on beer owner—enjoyable? Yes.
Food- so so. Go for the music 😉

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