>Comfort Food for the Lonely

>My first real first winter it seems. Midnight currently; and oh, all but 43 degrees. As I recount my day happenings here, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my thoughtful roommate in loaning me her extra space heater.

With the primary San Francisco friend set in their respective countries for the holidays, the last few days have proven to be unusually quiet and surprisingly relaxing–a chance to catch up on some reading in chunks, city meanderings, and of course comfort food cooking.

As I’m sure it is no surprise, soup is at the top of my list as what I most associate with comfort food; right alongside bread, and of course cheese. Have I told you how wonderful it is living in a neighborhood that has it’s own bakery and Cheese store? Fabulous I tell you, absolutely fabulous.

After a few *key errands (alluded to above), I began messing around with a recipe I had been eyeing in Cook’s Illustrated’s Perfect Vegetables. Wanting something the texture of potato leek, and the flavor of their labeled Spring Vegetable soup, I did something that would have my father (the reigning family soup king) grimacing.

Yes, the hand blender. It just seemed such a waste to toss the vegetables that had been simmering for the broth. But I must say, I was quite satisfied with what turned out, after all, it most certainly was what I was craving.

I miss my digital camera..
2 Responses to “>Comfort Food for the Lonely”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >I just came across this blog and saw this yummy looking soup. Do you have a recipe? I’m on a soup kick this month to say the least. Dorie

  2. >Hi Dorie,I’m guessing that I legally can’t print the recipe as it isn’t mine. Though I can direct you to pg 321 ‘Perfect Vegetables’ by the editor’s of Cook’s Illustrated. Adjust as noted in blog post. It’s a main stream book that you should be able to find most any book store. Happy Cooking! ~e

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