>Dolores Park Saturday Morning


I’m sitting here at Dolores Park which is between Noe Valley/Castro and the Mission district. The J line runs down one side of the park; and from where I am sitting, you can see the panorama of the entire city laid out before you. Noe Farmers market spoils beside me, oniony biali in hand, coffee on the side and typing away at the computer I am perfectly content on my grassy knoll. The crowd here is as diverse as the city. A man sleeps in his bag buried, toddlers chiming in “peek a boo” while two girls over coffee look on admiringly. Djembe sounds “Pada DUM DUM, Pada DUM DUM..” echo through the park; and I’m being stalked by pigeons who are after my biali. Somehow screaming “MINE” doesn’t seem to deter them. Pigeons don’t know who they’re dealing with–aren’t they a delicacy somewhere? Hrm….

… Where was I.. kids playing in the park, biali, pigeons… yes, ok. Here we are.

I’ve been contemplating as of late that as a self-confessed unknowledgeable food lover, with a penchant for commentary, that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter whether or not you know by taste that the nouveau pistachio ice-cream has ground pink peppercorns subtly flavoring it; or if you have the new “end all” kitchen gadget–you know, the one that promises to be the chop/dice/puree magic machine. For me, the appreciation of food amounts to what it is in it’s purest form, a matter of “is it good?” and “why.”

There are plenty of blogs that will tell you the nitty gritty of the “how to’s” and give you the flowery descriptions should you so crave… see my side bar, I love them too.

But for all intensive purposes, you will not find them here : )

I’ve recently decided to change my approach with Learning to Experiment. Gone are the uber sensitive and personal details of my everyday life (although I will keep some); and in, a more streamlined yet still “emi-random” approach–an attempt to re-instill my original intent.

That being said, on with my disastrous kitchen experiments and culinary (and non culinary) meandering in this new city I now call home!

I’ve borrowed this off of Yelp since my pictures of the park are horrid in comparison

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