>Wednesday 6/28


My seat at Ritual (blurry digi phone)

Some people drown themselves in alcohol or tubs of ice-cream, my panacea, has always been one of four things mainly:

a. anything carb-ish (carrot cake muffins ;)),

b. a trashy fifty cent novel

c. but lately time spent at a local coffee shop.

San Francisco seems to be the city of originality. Gone are the chains of my hometown Irvine and in are the ubiquitous tea and coffee shops of the city.

You’ve got the friendly neighborhood all-purpose coffee shop café, like Café Ponte and the verging on too cool casual hip Ritual Coffee Roasters.

I’ve all but been at a whole two so far (being that this is my second day in town), and so far not so impressed with the coffee– At least not with the straight up regular old Joe. If I could take the Sunday morning casual of Café Ponte and add the banana bread from Ritual, I’d be one happy clam.

And speaking of clams ever had clams on pizza? Really CLAMS! : )

Coming from years of summers spent in Tokyo, I got used to eating things like corn, tuna, shiso and shimeji mushrooms on pizza. For dinner my first night in town off we went to Pizza Orgasmica where Doggy style ™ and and Latin Lovers ™ abound in the form of pizza of course. Our dinner that night, White wine cream sauce, clams, and bacon, Mr. T’s* concoction. Who knew something so simple could be so pleasurable.

Inside of Ritual

*Mr. T: the notorious T.W. engaged to my wonderful hostess, H.

2 Responses to “>Wednesday 6/28”
  1. Branko says:

    >Hey Emi,this is Branko. I read your message on my and Bart’s america blog. Too bad we didnt get a chance to meet you! But I would love to come to SF again some time, maybe we can meet then, and hang out. I would love that!We are flying back to the Netherlands tomorrow morning. I’m sure I will be back in America as soon as possible. Greetings from Branko.(And Orio, I just love the fat cat, he sleeps with me all the time 🙂 )

  2. alan says:

    >One of the things I miss most about the Bay Area is all the independent little coffeeshops. Honolulu, like Irvine, seems to attract the cookie-cutter approach. There are a few exceptions but none of them exceptional.

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