Just when you think you’re all set financially for school……


Bertha (’93 Quest)
– $400 Valve Cover Gasket Leak
-$390 Oil Pan Gasket
-$TBA Rear Main Seal

School Loans don’t cover living expenses
-$60 dollars for living expenses 1 quarter of 3 months—I don’t think so!
… and that’s just first quarter!

Time to start squirreling away nuts for the rest of the month I’ve got left……..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Have you got all the plan already? You must be excited (I am too!), keep us posted. keikoPSSorry, but do you know some restaurants in the UK serve squirrels?

  2. >Wow! I had no idea! I wonder if it’s a hoighty toighty speciality farm raised thing or just desperate measures. Very interesting!

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