>Apple Crisp

> Seeing Traveler’s entry on Apple Crisp made me hungry for the same. The perfect comfort food pick-me-up for a “sad” day. I rushed to Mother’s Market to pick up ingredients: organic flour, nuts, Fuji apples, sugar and the like and set to create a modified version.

And I was off….Traveler’s recipe called for hazlenuts. As much as I like hazlenuts with or in other things: Nutella, chocolate and on it’s own,for example, I felt that this particular recipe needed something more familiar to me–pecans. When my brain thinks of nuts and brown sugar its output is caramel pecan. So in go the pecans. The only other change I ended up making was subbing arrowroot for cornstarch. Arrowroot seemed more “natural” to me, so I figured it wouldn’t matter too horribly. Oh, and I cut a little of the sugar back and Voila!

I ended up with a wonderfully sweet, crunchy, and delicious bowl of comfort. Posted by Picasa

3 Responses to “>Apple Crisp”
  1. keiko says:

    >Emi, I just posted about how much I disliked apples 🙂 but I’m ‘getting better’ now, and your apple crisp made me feel I can do even better, thank you!

  2. >Oh that’s funny! The timing! : )And you’re very welcome. I love apples. One thing I need to be better about are kaki. I think that’s what they’re called.. those orange ones that you can find in Japan that are roundish and firm.

  3. Cate says:

    >OK, I gotta have breakfast, because I went from Jason’s picture of French Toast to the Apple Crisp….

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