>Short Jaunt to Atlanta


I feel a little guilty that I haven’t really a ton to say. I’ll just have to spend more time there if there is a next time around.

I recently had the opportunity to be flown out to visit my friend, whom I’ll call “Los”, for the weekend. Los, I’m assuming understood my impending student status; he supplied the means, and my head very much needing a vacation accepted. Well… that and, another reason–my curiosity in getting to better know the man whom my very best friend H has been insisting would be a great match for me.

Alright so one red-eye and a transfer, I’m off the plane and completely caught off guard at just how many African American People there are. Ignorant So. Cal girl me, growing up where you see maybe 1 a week (not including our drummer Gavin), didn’t even think for a second that my experience was anything but an anomaly. So, no kidding, first sentence:

“Hi Los! I’ve never seen so many African American people in my life. How’s it going?”

Bizarrely, aside from that, Atlanta reminds me a lot of where I am here in Irvine. The downtown looks similar, down to some of the buildings having the same company names on them as ones in Irvine. Bizarre.. well maybe not.. Major city and Somewhat Major city.. likeliness of same companies having offices.. likely. Okay so not bizarre.

I can honestly say that I do not remember a whole bunch about my Halloween:

1. We celebrated Halloween on a day other than Halloween
2. I had 3 drinks
3. Passed out

However, I DO know that I had tons of fun and was very much myself and almost too honest in confessing to his sister:
“you know my best friend H has been trying to set me up with Los for ages!” (or something of the like) —- ( Yikes!)

The Next Day we climbed this the biggest Rock I’ve ever seen (should have taken a picture), and ate the best friend Zucchini I’ve EVER had from:

And do I mean EVER.

The Vortex
878 Peachtree St
Atlanta, GA 30309

(404) 875-1667

A movie later, the next thing I knew I was back on the plane on my way home šŸ˜¦

A couple observations on my part:

  1. Los is just as kind and funny as I remembered.
  2. Atlanta has some d@&* good fried zucchini!
  3. I get embarassed by rap music–specifically songs about going to the “candy store”
  4. It was too short a trip (my fault entirely)

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