>Moving Day (1 of 2)

Absolute Chaos! You know.. I never would have thought that I had so much STUFF. I can’t see straight because of all the boxes! About time though, I must say. I’ve got to do this again in January…. oy vay!

5 Responses to “>Moving Day (1 of 2)”
  1. keiko says:

    >Hi Emi – I hope your move went well and that Todd coped with it… (just thought the kitty in your picture looked a bit different from Todd… he/she’s got tabby! do you have another cat as well?)

  2. >This other one is Leary : ) he’s a sweetheard compared to Todd. I’m going to miss both Todd and Leary very much. Both of them were technically my boyfriend’s and since I’m no longer with him, I will not be seeing either of them any more 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Oh emi, I hope you are ok… I’m going to miss them too, give them lots of hugs from me if you see them again… keiko xx

  4. >Thank you Keiko. I’ll be all right. I think the hardest thing is not having someone to tell stuff to. I find myself turning around all the to tell Dave something interesting that he’d appreciate. Some how telling the childhood cat Oreo is not the same. I’ll have to put together a new entry on my new animal housemates at my parents.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >You’ll be all right, Emi! I’m looking forward to your animal entry as well as the ice-cream machine 😉 Take care, keiko xx

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