>Veging Sunday


Morning Glory from Mom’s trellis (digi cam is fixed! Hurray!)

Something about cloudy cold weather sets my internal clock back–Where 10 is 7 and a latte at 11, really doesn’t matter. It’s days like these where finishing a book, and beginning another really isn’t such a crime.

Dad, Fire and Grill, oh my.

As I sit here my dad’s running around the kitchen preparing potatoes au gratin, triangle tip and asparagus. For breakfast,.. er lunch. And oddly, I don’t feel guilty (but feel that I should). Really, and honestly, I do not feel like making anything. Which, ironically, makes my dad happy. (Emi in the kitchen equals one big mess.)

I really hope that cooking bug hits me soon because what I do feel guilty of at the moment is not having any motivation to make or do something to write about.

On another note, we, HBT, have another show in little Tokyo tonight (9-10pm at 2nd St. Jazz). If your bored and just really need something to do, see you there.
Phone: (213) 680-0047

From this past Friday night’s show. Also at 2nd street Jazz.


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