>Amputated mini Dachs

>Being that I’m very fond of miniature dachshunds, I was happy to find, while pilfering through my dad’s to “to read” pile, a copy of The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs (by McCall Smith). Thinking of little Tommy (my mother’s dog) I thought this could be very interesting and sat down to read.

So what is the likeliness of a fictional 1 legged dog in this book to have a real life “brother” in terms of predicament.. Apparently very possible.

First the excerpt from the book:

Pgs 30-31
(Dr. Von Igelfeld having been mistaken for another Dr. Von Igelfeld finds himself yet in another predicament)

‘But what shall I do?’ asked the student… ‘..we shall have
to amputate it,’ said von Igelfeld.

‘Good,’said von Igelfeld. ‘Well done.’
The student leaned forward to peer at the X-ray.
Suddenly he groaned.

‘Oh no, Herr Professor! That was the wrong

Von Igelfeld looked at the plate. The broken leg was on the
right, as was the leg which had been removed, but now, looking more closely , it
was clearly in the front.

‘Take the right one off,’ he said sharply…..
(now that other leg is gone)
‘You’ve severed an artery, Herr Professor!’
‘Take the leg off then,’ said von Igelfeld.

Again the amputation procedure went ahead, leaving the poor
sausage dog with a sole leg, in the front.

Then I remembered yesterday coming across this little guy on the Southern California Doxie rescue network www.delgadog.com. What a random coincidence!

Special Needs – Adopted!!

Name: Penny
Age: 2 years
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Sex: Female/Spayed
Size: Mini – 10 lbs.

Penny’s story is so sad! A few months ago, two nice ladies found Penny wandering the street. They thought she was so cute, so they took her home to live with them. Unfortunately, Penny soon exhibited signs that she had a bad back, and a visit to the doctor showed that she had a defective spine, which means her hindquarters are permanently paralyzed. The two ladies didn’t know what to do — they loved Penny, but they weren’t home enough to care for her as she needed. They contacted rescue, who raised the funds to get Penny a cart, so she could be mobile.

A two-year-old red, smooth, mini doxie who weighs only 8 pounds, Penny is now being fostered in Watsonville , CA , waiting for the perfect people to fall in love with her. Penny likes other dogs, especially male dachshunds. She also loves birds, and cats have nothing to worry about. She’s crate trained and loves rides in the car. Penny seems to love kids, too! Families with small children will be considered for adoption only after a home check, to ensure the children can handle a disabled dachshund.

Penny may be a special needs dog, but we can tell you from personal experience, that “cart dogs” are a lot less work than it looks. Her future owners will need to induce elimination three to four times a day (diapers don’t work when Penny isn’t in her cart), which isn’t as yucky or difficult as it sounds! Otherwise, Penny will be just like any other doxie, except she’ll be a thousand times more grateful and loving.

If you’ve ever had a special-needs pet, you already know that caring for Penny will be well worth your time and effort. Anyone who takes Penny into their family will be blessed with a loving, affectionate dachshund who will return their love a hundred fold. A retiree or someone who works from home would be ideal for Penny. AFRP can help transport if necessary.

If you are interested in giving Penny a permanent loving home, please contact her foster mom, Lynne, at xxxxxxx or e-mail malibuprincess2002@xxxxxxor info@animalfriendsrescue.org. Interested parties will need to complete an application and participate in a home check.

Adoption Fee, if any, to be determined.

3 Responses to “>Amputated mini Dachs”
  1. J says:

    >poor penny…i have two long haired miniature dachshunds, and they really are the greatest sweethearts…

  2. keiko says:

    >Hi Emi – I really hope Penny (and all the poor animals) finds a loving home soon.

  3. >J-yes they are adorable! I’m definitely going to get one of my own someday. : )K-Penny was adopted! (hurray!)

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