>Misc. Funny


(straight to you from my Japanese friend Shin’s living room!)
8 Responses to “>Misc. Funny”
  1. nick says:

    >I guess hope is an important part of being a smoker :)You’ve seen engrish.com right?

  2. keiko says:

    >Hi Emi – my dad used to smoke this… lots! (matthew forces me to check engrish.com every so often so that he can make fun of me how stupid Japanese are…!)

  3. >Awww.. What a mean Matthew! : )I’ve got one of a stupid American thing that I’ll post soon once I check to see that it’s decipherable.

  4. nick says:

    >Hey Keiko, try directing Matthew to this site in order to get your own back:www.hanzismatter.comIt’s photos of those stupid non-Asian people who’ve gotten Chinese/Japanese characters tattooed onto their bodies without knowing the language themselves. This Chinese-American guy translates what they really say, then makes cruel fun of the owner..

  5. hiroko says:

    >hehe, I’m glad you got the picture finally!

  6. >Hey! Hi! I didn’t know you read my blog. : )

  7. keiko says:

    >Emi – tell him!Nick – thanks for the link, I forwarded it to Matthew. Yay! BTW, are they all real? I don’t think I’d do that without knowing what that means… They are so brave 🙂

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