>Wichita, KS


Welcome to Kansas!

“HUNTERS if you checked any firearms as luggage, please go to the airline ticket counter to claim them”

Time seems to pass leisurely here. Miles of what I assume to be wheat separate farms from homes, and yes even a Starbucks (with a drive through) from a Dillons (grocery). Farm then Development, Farm then development.. and on it goes. As happy as I am to find things that I never in a million years would have thought that I could find here,(the ceramic ginger grater) there are other times when it saddens me to find the developers moving in with what we Irvinites are much familliar with… the dreaded tract homes. Such seems the way of progress.

In the meanwhile, it is certainly relaxing here. I don’t think we’ve really done much of anything thing since we arrived. Well.. I take that back. We did catch up with family friends. Kansas is full of what my grandfather calls “salt of the earth” people. He meant in reference to what the bible had to say.. but IMO–Kind, honest folk who really give a darn about you. : )

(Mr. and Mrs. Bell, Angela and myself)

2 books down and 2 to go.. time just passes by sooo slooooooowwwwwly… 2 days in, the countdown for home begins. In the meanwhile.. relaxing taking pictures with my cell cam. Yes, the digi is still broken.

Early morning sky


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