>Princess Cake


So what do you do when you’ve got an itch to make a cake sans digicam sans exact know how? You make do with research and a cellphone!

With my bosses birthday encrouching, I put to use my gathered information that I’ve been “collecting” while working for him. (hrm… so he likes cofee.. hrm… so he likes princess cake.. hrm.. so he likes green.. –and so forth) Alright..( I tabulated), princess cake it is! (er minus the coffee)

So after work last night, I went to go do some research. Saw a slice at a bakery and bought it for referencing and then went online to find out that in it’s entirety it looks like a green dome. So with the outer image and the inside image in my head I got to work.

It looked like the layers were some sort of yellow cake . The buttermilk cake recipe will do, I thought. One sheet cake and one small cutter later,done–3 circle cut outs.

Next, a bit of the sample.. hrm… raspberry jam? hrm.. simple syrup.. hrm…. pastry cream or is it custard? Ooooo and there’s whipped cream!

Into the cake tin (for placement) a layer of cake coated with simple syrup, then a layer of raspberry jam; another cake layer, simple syrup.. but now a layer of pastry cream and a layer of whipping cream–into the freezer.

Coincidentally, my rice bowl and the cake tin are the same circumferance. (ding!–an idea) Line bottom of rice bowl with plastic wrap put some whipping cream in the bottom.. and.. into the freezer–(instant dome top!)

In the meanwhile, I rolled and dyed the marzipan. Then, I cut a circle bigger than cake base.

Out of the freezer come the cake and the whipped cream dome lid. I unwrapped and placed the dome on top of the un molded cake..carefully, and then pulled the marzipan into place.. then it tore

Left over marzipan and a line of balls later… TADA!!!

2 Responses to “>Princess Cake”
  1. >yikes.. maybe i shouldn’t have put that extra little dot on top.. leave it to two of my guy friends–“it’s a giant BOOB!”

  2. J says:

    >that looks like a piece of surrealist art! your boss is one lucky man…

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