>French Jams

>My very thoughtful friend Houri came back from Paris with two jars of jams for me. Rose Petal and Bordeaux. I was VERY excited. I had recently been reading up on Christine Ferber and French Jams. That, and being that we don’t get different jams where I am, I was even more happy. Even if they were not Ferber Jams, the both were still WONDERFUL.

I had visions of my own jam and cake layered with these two. My imagination came into fruition twice over. I made my first jar of jam last weekend (red plum and meyer lemon–which I will write about later), and the weekend before a rosewater cake with the 2 layers. One layer sandwiches with the Rose jam and the other with the Bordeaux. I had topped the cake with Cardimon infused whipped cream.

But Alas, excitement and all I forget to get pictures of the cake! That and with my broken digicam from Vacation last week,… this is a very sad blog indeed. So.. until I can get my camera fixed, or borrow a camera.. this will be it..

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8 Responses to “>French Jams”
  1. Lynn says:

    >what a coincidence. I was browsing the jam section of my supermarket and spotted a rose-petal jam. How did you like the taste? I didn’t buy it because I was not too sure if I’d like it.

  2. >Hi Lynn I’m partial to rose as I’ve had all sorts of stuff with rose water in it since I was really little. It’s very aromatic and pleasant; And usually not too heady.Give it a shot–if you don’t like it, then most places (lucky for us in the States) will take it back.However, some “rose”jams are not made of rose petals. I hear that some people use rose hips instead of petals. I’m not sure what the major different would be in taste.:)

  3. rowena says:

    >The description alone of the cake is enough to send me into rapture. I’ve been trying for the longest time to find rosewater here, but it’s impossible!Your mention of those jams will be noted though. One day I hope to make it over to Paris! 🙂

  4. J says:

    >they look gorgeous!…christine ferber’s book mes confitures has the most fantastic recipes, if you ever feel like making your own…

  5. >Yes, I’m actually going through her book right now; and it IS woooonderful! So many unusual ideas too.. I think I saw something on using carrots? Ah well.~emi

  6. Brett says:

    >What a great sounding combination of flavors! Right up my alley. Rose, cardamom, bordeaux grapes! You’ve got to fix that camera of yours if you’re going to be making things like that…

  7. >Aw. Thanks Brett 🙂 (I want to try to duplicate the Bordeaux jam someday.) Camera sent to “fix it” center–check. Currently awaiting cost tabulations (argh!)

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