>Weekend Vacation Part 1


This past Labor Day Weekend Dave and I took a mini vacation up the central coast with the goal of hitting San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay and Monterey.

Morro Bay Beach; freezing! Would you believe people were surfing?

The famous ‘rock’

We took a quick stop at Utopia Bakery in San Luis Obispo to say hello to Kees Proctor and to try some of his baked goods. My friend Rachel worked there before she went off to culinary school. Kees was very busy but gave me a tour of his kitchen and introduced me to his bakers. I had an almond croissant which was very tasty. He said that he had the almond paste made to his exact specifications. Flaky, with a surprise of almond paste inside—num!

Utopia Bakery

From San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay where almost all my pictures are from. It’s one of my absolute FAVORITE places in the whole world. It’s as if time stopped over there. A sleepy seaside village that is only now starting to pick up with the tourists.

my favorite Picture.. if only my scarf fuzz hadn’t gotten on the lens.

Sandpiper.. I think.

The most famous land mark there is a natural one of a HUGE Rock, “Morro Rock.” It’s 576 feet high and first named by Juan Cabrillo sometime during his trip up the coast in 1542.

This is what the rock looks like somewhat closer.

Below, is what it looks like right up next to it.

this plant looked like it absorbes mosisture b/c of how squishy it looked.

This yellow plant was everywhere in Morro Bay, thought I’m not too sure what it is.

This is another one of my favorite shots taken from the top of the dunes.

After meandering around the rock and on the shore we had worked up an appetite. Spoiled it a bit by having some Salt water Taffy

Crill’s Taffy Right along the shore on the way back from the rock to lunch.

But enough left to try out Giovanni’s fish Market. Fresh fish is literally available right off the boat, I imagine that Giovanni’s gets their fish fresh daily as they are right on the pier. The line literally took an hour! I’m not sure if it was worth it. It wasn’t bad food, but had I known about the time, I would have arrived when they first opened

Fresh fish right of the boat!

These guys were just hanging out—the baby otter, literally. He spinned around with his mom and miraculously stayed on her as she kept turning in and out of the water much like a laundry spin cycle

Monterey Pictures To Be Continued…..(assuming that the disposable pictures turn out.)

5 Responses to “>Weekend Vacation Part 1”
  1. >Great photos Emi. But what is salt water taffy exactly? Sounds revolting!

  2. >You know that’s a good question.. I found a recipe.. but I’m not seeing salt water actually in it.. hrm… but then other pages have been saying that originally it did have some salt water in it.Think starburst candy texture but airier and not so fruity.http://www.exploratorium.edu/cooking/candy/recipe-taffy.html#http://www.answers.com/topic/taffy

  3. >Well looking at the above recipie, there is definitely some salt in there. However, I think it’s only 1 teaspoon compared to 2 cups of sugar, so I imagine you wouldn’t taste it. Think I felt grossed out because it reminded me of ‘Salmiakki’, this salt-liquorice stuff I was force-fed in Finland last winter. I cannot describe how disgusting it is. Well I can try. Once, when I was a kid, I chewed a pen in school and a load of ink shot down my throat. The taste of that was the only thing worse than salmiakki. What surprises me though, is how much the Finns love the stuff. Is there anything in Japan that people go crazy for, yet most non-Japanese would find absolutely disgusting?Here’s a link for Salmiakki:http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/encyclopedia/s/sa/salmiakki.htm

  4. >God, that sounds like an awful experience! Both pen and Salmiakki (I hate licorice! My mom differs)I’ll have to check out the link at home.You know, what I love and my mom loves but every single person I’ve made try it, hates Natto. It’s fermented soy beans. It’s a bit smelly and has the texture of spit and beans.. so yeah I can probably understand why people hate it. But of course, me having been raised on the stuff, I LOVE it. As to probably a lot of the Japanese population.

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