He can’t fit… I wonder why… : ) Posted by Picasa

http://www.fuh2.com/ (Courtesy of Nick)

4 Responses to “”
  1. Java Boy!!! says:

    >damn hummersin a world of $3 a gallon gasthis asswhipe has to driver a hummerso can i sell you something nowgod i hate blogger comment spam

  2. >I hate SPAM!! What’s with all this bombing of adds that people do. Absolutely RUDE!

  3. >But now blogger has a new system to stop it, you have to type in some random letters before you can publish comments. Hope it works..

  4. >By the way, have you seen this website? It features pictures sent in from around the world of people flipping off Hummers :)http://www.fuh2.com/

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