>Little Tokyo Gig


This past Sunday we had an AWESOME show at 2nd Street Jazz in Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo itself is a bit of a disapointment. Run down and very tiny. HOWEVER, it looks like they’ve started renovating; and being that it’s close to the Walt Disney concert hall and the MOCA museum, chances are they’ll want to upgrade a bit to attract people, so here’s to hoping it gets better.

Dark, Hot, and Tiny this jazz club is very much like what I would have thought an underground club would be like. A bit tough to find as well– there was not a sign over the door, just their address.

@ 2nd st Jazz
366 East 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

4 Responses to “>Little Tokyo Gig”
  1. >Yeah Little Tokyo is dissapointing. I worked a couple of blocks West of it, only bothered going there once or twice. But.. cool photos! Is that Dave playing the double bass?

  2. >Yep : ) He’s picked it up quite nicely.

  3. keiko says:

    >Looks great, Emi – I love jazz, can you take me there when I visit CA one day…

  4. >I’d love to 🙂 It’s a bit run down though and they have all sorts of music, not just jazz. I hear that there’s a great yaki tori place right around there.

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