>… More farmers market.. sort of

>So that Farmers Market I wrote about a week or so back; you know, the one with all the grapes, peaches and the poor Dave carrying all my bags and a backpack worth of produce? Yeah that one : )

Alright. So pitch dark and very early this morning (5:30 AM) I made my way to the Bakery to finally show my face after a month or more of me being rediculous (another story in itself). They were putting stuff together for the market for their stall. (I’ll talk more about the bakery another time. See internship link ) … etc. etc. etc. zip forward… okay now we’re at the market.

There is a lady, Anne, who has a booth where she sells these BEAUTIFUL scarves that she makes all by hand.. er by loom I should say. I wish she sold on the internet b/c of how much she could get for them. Anyhow, these BEAUTIFUL scarves have been screaming “BUY ME NOW!!!” for about a year or so….. I finally caved in.

Being the So Cal girl that I am, my warmest clothes are light sweaters. So it’s almost impossible to find something that I love that is warm. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I can’t wait until I’m in Japan and up in the Bay Area to wear them.

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