>Alright, So I’m a bit gimpy when it comes to html and commands.. that’s why you’re looking at this template webpage instead of a fancy one. So I’ve been tinkering with commands if you will and I’ve gotten the side bar to work, sort of. I’m trying to do something like Keiko’s blog where the books are all lined up. But, for some reason the picture of the book keeps encrouching on eveyrthing else and it just looks horrid! Anybody know how to fix this aside from sending me to class to learn this stuff?

2 Responses to “>Gimpy”
  1. Michèle says:

    >Hi, I just found your blog today. The scarves are nice! glad you finally went for it.. I am a rather hesitant shopper myself but my theory is that if I’ve looked at the same item longingly on more than 4 occassions then I should just break down and buy it. It’s alot of work to be indecisive!And I wish I could help you on the sidebar thingy on your previous post.. im curious to know how Keiko did that too 🙂

  2. >Yes, on indecisiveness being a lot of work 🙂

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