>This is embarassing but we’ve all had one of these at one point in time I think….

Looking at the end of the possible songs we might be covering for the Suntory Gig that Gavin sent to me

Marley Legend Reggae 1978 12/30/2004 10:42 PM 11/13/2004 3:40 PM 128 44100 AAC audio file 1 3/15/2005 7:47 AM \Bob Marley & The Wailers\Legend\12 Satisfy My Soul.m4aI Shot The Sheriff Bob Marley & The Wailers Bob Marley Burnin’ Reggae 1973 8/10/2005 11:18 PM 7/10/2005 1:57 PM 128 44100 AAC audio file 1 8/9/2005 5:46PM \Bob Marley & The Wailers\Burnin’3 I Shot The Sheriff.m4a

And then it occurs to me “holy shit! It’s not I shocked the cherry!”……..

Then, I explain to Gavin what had happened and he sends me this.

Alright for you lazy ones.. here’s a sampling of what “this” is.

A mondegreen (also sometimes spelt ‘mondagreen’) is the mishearing (usually accidental) of a phrase, such that it acquires a new meaning.The word ‘mondegreen’ is itself a mondegreen of “They hae slain the Earl o’ Murray and laid him on the green”, from the anonymous 17th century balladThe Bonnie Earl O’ Murray‘, the last five words being misheard as “Lady Mondegreen”. Sylvia Wright is thought to have coined the word to describe all such mishearings. While a common occurrence for children, many adults have their own collection, particularly with regard to popular music.

Australians all are ostriches (from the opening line of the Australian national anthem – “Australians all let us rejoice”)

O Canada, our home’s on native land (from the Canadian national anthem – “O Canada, our home and native land”)

Excuse me while I kiss this guy (from a lyric in the song “Purple Haze”, by
Jimi Hendrix – “Excuse me while I kiss the sky”)

This guy is cryin (from a lyric in the song “The Sky is Crying”, by
Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Just labelmates and fitting rage (from a lyric in the song “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” by Metallica – “Just labeled mentally deranged”

The girl with colitis goes by (from a lyric in the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, by The Beatles – “The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.”)

It is hard to wreck a nice beach (from a story, perhaps apocryphal, about one of the earliest
speech recognition programs being presented, at a demo, with someone saying “It’s hard to recognize speech” and producing that phrase as the output)

There’s a bathroom on the right (the payoff line at the end of each verse of the rock song Bad Moon Rising by
Creedence Clearwater Revival — “There’s a bad moon on the rise”)

Climb every woman (from the
Whitney Houston song I’m every woman)

Play that f—ing music right boy (from the
Wild Cherry song Play that funky music)

Spare him his life from his pork sausages (from
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen – spare him his life from this monstrosity)

It’s a hard egg (from It’s A Heartache by
Bonnie Tyler)

Bullshit! (from Push It by

“Buttocks-Pressing Song” (from a mishearing of Kodály’s “Could I But Express in Song”)

Me Ears Are Alight (from a mishearing of “The Israelites” in the Desmond Dekker song of the same name)

Sue Lawley! (from a mishearing of So lonely by The Police)

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