>Farmers Market Saturday

> So I got a little carried away at the farmers market last Saturday and spent fourty dollars on really expensive but perfect produce.
Living in Irvine has it’s benefits-you can find just about everything but the downside is that everything becomes just a little more expensive. Say if I were to go to the Tustin market (Wednesdays, 9-1), there wouldn’t be as many vendors, but the vendors there that are also at the Irvine market price their produce more just because they’re in **Irvine**. ::sigh:: Sorry a bit of a pet peave of mine.
But in the meanwhile you can find EVERYTHING that’s in season.. well produce wise.

For example right now Figs, Grapes are EVERYWHERE, that and …..
gorgeous white peaches which are coming to a close season wise. The challenge now is to figure out what do to with all this stuff ASAP while it’s all good. You see, I’ve got this habit of keeping stuff and forgetting about it… but this week, this week will be different. I promise : )

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