>Silly Girlishness

>Girls worry and make rediculous conclusions about trivial things…well, not all the time.

e: btw heidlebergs doesn’ tlook very good
a: why
a: i’ve been hearing it’s good
e: well go to that name and then .net
e: look at the cakes.. awful.
a: can u link me to it
a: are u working today
e: yes
e: i’m just not having anythign to do so here i am until boss man gets here and gives me stuff
e: my schedules are different depending on the day
a: oh ok
a: i wasn’t quite sure if u were at work or not
a: i think i’m going to goto the gym
a: i feel like a fat slob
e: yeah me too so i dressed pretty in case
e: but it’s not woring b/c my pits are sweating through my sweater and ijust feel ugly all over again.
a: hahahaha

You know, had I not paused and re-read our conversation I would not have realized how rediculous it was.

Case in Point

1. Since when does the appearance of a cake give you the tell all as to how good the food is at a restaurant? The only thing you could say is that they have poor cake decorating taste.

2. How is dressing pretty going to alleviate the feeling of being a fat slob.. well logically. I mean you can only trick yourself into thinking you’re “not chubby” by your plummage for so long. When it all comes down to it, you’re just a chubby girl in pretty plummage

Between the both of us would you believe we have three degrees?

3 Responses to “>Silly Girlishness”
  1. J says:

    >silly girlishness is a woman’s perogative ;)…great blog! cheers,j

  2. >Indeed it is : )Thank you!~emi

  3. >I would like to add for any readers not acquainted with Emi personally, that she is in no way “chubby”.However, anyone spending more than a few days in her cooking presence is likely to walk away several pounds heavier. You have been warned 🙂

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