This is Todd, our beautiful cat. He isn’t the typical kind of friendly. He’s very smart, shy, and a bit of a brat. (don’t pet anywhere but his head and don’t dare pick him up. He’ll bite!)

We lovingly call him Toddles. He definitely lived up to his nick-name when he had the cone on his head (see earlier post). He’d toddle around the room with his head wagging side to side (much like a shark swims, says Dave). But now that his stitches are out, he can go back to looking like his normal self. (As pictured here)
So I guess this is really more of a “nothing” post. Just one to show off how pretty Todd is and I guess to celibrate his cone removal.

These are from earlier this Spring. Right now he still looks a bit funny. (square chunk of hair missing from his butt) : )

They were all taken on our patio which happens to be at the same height as the tree canopies that line the street.

Doesn’t the green of the trees and the green of his eyes just go great.

Silly me. I guess this is really a girl thing.

4 Responses to “>Todd”
  1. >Todd is just beautiful. He looks like a very happy cat! Come by to see my 3 kitties when you have time. Enjoyed your site and will post it as a link on my blog if that is OK with you?

  2. keiko says:

    >He really is beautiful… I’m so happy he’s getting better, please give him lots of hugs from me! Looking forward to seeing another lovely photos soon…

  3. >Todd says thank you for the hug. : )You know, it was our conversation about our cats that gave me the idea to put these pictures up of Todd.

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