>Something just magical about “Paris”

Houri had once said that to her Seattle was her magical place. To me, I imagine that Paris would be mine. We had lived there when I was three for a year; and of course being three, I do not remember a thing. I have stories. LOTS of stories and pictures–from my parents, from Yannis, from Houri, from books (Paris to the Moon is one) and of course from blogs (Clotilde’s par example). Even with some of the more horrid recountings (the smell in summer, the people–wells some), it’s image in my mind just cannot, for the moment be tarnished. The boulangeries, history, romance, and just en Vogue of the whole city intrigues me. Un jour je vais vister Paris… (er.. well maybe)

3 Responses to “>Something just magical about “Paris””
  1. Dman says:

    >You should go to Paris. It’s a wonderful city (if you have money). The airfare is cheap as dirt, but it’s the lodging and the food. Thankfully I have friends that I stay with when I go there. Perhaps we can travel together one of these days and just kick back in the many parks that the city offers.

  2. >If that picture was any cuter, it would be illegal.

  3. >awww… thank you :PI’ll have to travel to England just to bake you a cake!

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