>What to do with Mangos?

A recent trip to the local Chinese Market, Ranch 99, yielded two boxes of mangoes–champagne, and I think Keitt (being the more common one). Out here most of our mangos are either from Mexico or grown right here in California. Other parts of the country could be getting their’s from Florida–you could even order other varietals from India. Mangos come in all different sizes: round and kidney for example. Random factoid: they are related to poison ivy! Go figure. Here’s a link to a guy’s run in with a mango.

So what to do with two boxes of mangos? After distributing and inhaling 3/4 th’s of each box, I was left with enough for two more breakfasts–as is, and also enough for an easy fruit salad which utilized some of the lemon mint (?) that we bought yesterday at M & M Nursery (see previous 7/30/05 post).


1 can of Fresca (yes Fresca)
16 lychee nuts peeled, seeded and halved
4 Champagne Mango’s worth of cubes
2 Keitt Mango’s worth of cubes
a handful of lemon mint leaves

Combine and let sit in the fridge for atleast 20 minutes before serving.


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