>Weekend Errands


Mom called up this morning asking if I wanted to go to M&M Nursery in Orange. What a random surprise to find this quaint nursery in the middle of Orange’s suburbia!

There were a good mix of random flowers, as well as traditional ones. This one here is called “Nepenthes Alata.” Left is the way it looks close up and below is how it looked in the pot.

Some of the more traditional: Hydrangea and Lavender (two of my favorites 🙂 ) ; also some flowering dill and some micellaneous veg (I forget it’s name) . Then, of course some random miscellaneous shots of Mom and Dad picking out flowers for their garden.

Flowering Dill Left
Misc. Vegetables Above

Hydrangea Below

Mom and Dad Below

Then off to lunch at The Crab Cooker by our house where they’ve got really great fish.. just a bit expensive. $13 dollars for two small sides and a fish kabob of sorts–though it was very good, not overdone and just right.

The Outside of the Crab Cooker

Random Shot of the Misc. Interior

Surprisingly Expensive


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